Hearing Aids

Our professionals believe that every person, regardless of age, should benefit from the best hearing possible.  We believe you are entitled to products, services and counseling to help you function more effectively in social, educational and occupational environments.  And we are dedicated to delivering all three.


The good news is that today, with the latest advances in hearing aid technology, most forms of hearing loss can be successfully treated.

  • Only one in five people who could benefits from a hearing aid wears one
  • Hearing decline starts as early as 40 years of age
  • 65% of people with hearing loss are below retirement age

The basics of a hearing instrument

The hearing aid is a transducer. It’s an instrument which pickup the sound wave from the environment and the convert to an electrical signal with the necessary amplification as per the individual hearing loss and reconverts into acoustic signal which is directed down to the canal of the ear.

In the front stage of the hearing head the microphone pickups the sound and the end near the ear canal the loud speaker (Receiver) delivers the acoustic sound. In between the necessary amplification is carried out by electronic circuits.

Based on the technology involved in the electronics circuit its divided into Analog and Digital Hearing aids