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The Digital Hearing Care started our operations in Kumbakonam, TN  satisfying customers every year through different channels. We have a professional set up of testing room for patient and fully equipped laboratory for making the ear moulds and the hearing aid assemblies.

We supply all types of Digital BTE, ITE, CIC hearing aids & specialized in making the custom-made ear moulds. The hearing tests that we conduct are aided with advanced digital system. We equip ourselves with the latest cutting edge technology with the growing demand of the market.

We also distribute the necessary hearing aid accessories like Batteries, Re-chargeable Battery chargers and other complete audio logical instruments. We undertake installation and commissioning of Sound proof rooms for audiometric testing and laboratory for making ear moulds and training*.

Make the people satisfied on Hearing / Understanding / Excitement is our company policy.

We make:
(a) Custom-made Hearing Aids & Moulds
(b) Swimming Moulds
(c) Ear Protection Devices
(d) Class room FM Systems.

We undertake service of:
(a) All type of Digital Hearing Aids
(b) Repairing / Calibration of all types of Audiometers and tympanometer meters

We offer:
(a) Free Hearing Test*
(b) Trial Hearing Aid*
(c) Digital Tinnitus Solution


* Conditions Apply